Welcome to Minds Over Matter, where we believe in the power of the mind to control physical and mental limitations with proper guidance and willpower, we all have the ability to keep moving forward in life and overcome obstacles brought on by our environment. It’s important for us to believe that there are no limitations to the power we hold over mental challenges and can succeed using sheer determination. Learn how now


Minds Over Matter Behavioral Health Center is a community-based treatment center that is fully licensed by the great state of Florida in the beautiful city of Pompano Beach, to provided multiple levels of care in mental health and substance abuse treatment. Our treatment team is very instrumental in facilitating change through addressing the mind, body, and spirit with providing ethical clinical standards with respect to all individual dignity and indifferences.

Thanks for choosing Mind Over Matter Behavioral Health Center of Broward for your sobriety journey – Warm Regards Shalonda Copeland.

Mental Health

Everyone has Mental Health. Good Mental Health, depends on how aware we are of our mental health. Stress management, positive thinking and attitude contribute significantly to good mental health as does learning effective coping skills. When we do become ill, early diagnosis and treatment determine the outcome of the illness and preventive measures help to ensure that we don’t succumb to the illness again.

Outpatient Treatment

The Outpatient Program provides a unique venue in which clients can receive education, therapy and training in the skills area that will enable them to learn about their signs, symptoms and behaviors. Outpatient groups are held throughout the day providing focus on communication, Activities of daily living, health, substance abuse, anger management, stress management and coping skills. Participants have the opportunity to explore their thoughts, feeling and behaviors in a safe environment regarding these issues.

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“Momtreatment helped me find my path to recovery after failing so many times on my own. The staff and program helped me find lasting recovery to this day.


Licenses and Certifications

Day and night treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and outpatient.